Our Chefs

One of the strengths of a restaurant is also measured by the talent in the kitchen. The Kihiw Restaurant is committed to continuous culinary development & education. We have three Red Seal accredited chefs allowing us to better mentor young apprentices. This benefits our company, our staff, and most importantly our customers. The Red Seal certification is an acknowledged symbol of quality and is the standardized certification for Canadian chefs. It’s an endorsement that is the result of years of practice and dedicated study.

Executive Chef Dexter Sayo

Originally from the province of Bulacan in the Philippines, Executive Chef Dexter Sayo has over 22 years of experience in the culinary industry.

Born in 1974, Dexter joined the Kihiw Restaurant team in August 2016, and now manages the Gold Eagle kitchen staff of 23 dedicated individuals.

In his many years of experience, Dexter most notably worked as a Chef Rotisseur, Chef Saucier, Chef Entremetier, Chef Poissonnier, Chef Potager, and Chef de Tournant on a cruise ship, hotels and resort casinos.

Dexter is both ambitious about lifelong learning and giving back. Outside of his duties with the Kihiw, he enjoys volunteering his time in our community.

In the kitchen, he has a passion for preparing multicultural foods. Meals at the Kihiw, including many delicious First Nation dishes, are freshly made. Looking towards a bright future with Gold Eagle Casino and the Kihiw Restaurant, Dexter continues to focus on providing top notch meals for his guests.

As Chef, it’s important to Dexter he be a leader and mentor for his staff. He coaches his team to be the best they can be in order to provide a delicious experience for each and every customer.